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In the fast-paced world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), opportunities and challenges abound across finance, healthcare, insurance, and beyond. As AI becomes omnipresent, many ‘experts’ have surfaced. However, the essence of successful AI integration is strategic planning based on seasoned experience and deep understanding of AI’s capabilities and constraints. Our approach melds industry knowledge with research. This is the value we offer to our clients.

Our mentored research forms an internationally recognized hub of applied, project-based AI/ML research, consulted by nearly 2100 institutions in over 150 countries worldwide, including renowned organizations like Amazon, Intel, HP, Bank of America, Starbucks and Kate Spade. We also have extensive AI planning and project implementation experience across sectors such as finance, healthcare, insurance, and others. In addition, we have been a trusted source for media outlets like Al-Jazeera and The Washington Post.

Our team, boasting advanced degrees from top institutions and a track record in interdisciplinary AI research, has a wealth of experience across FinTech, HealthTech, InsurTech, and Network Security. We aim to be your strategic partner, helping your organization navigate the AI landscape with immediate solutions and a custom long-term strategic plan.


Applied Research & Innovation

Unlock the Power of AI with Our Expert Guidance.
The top 10 (of 2100) institutions worldwide following our mentored research

Navigating the fast-paced world of AI can be daunting, but with us, you’re never left behind.

A decade ago, we set the precedent with the world’s first human-centric AI curriculum, nurturing practical, project-based research. Our depth of academic research, fortified by decades of diverse international industry experience, provides our clients with holistic, actionable, and future-proof insights into the dynamic realm of AI.

As frontrunners in AI consulting, we excel in areas such as generative AI models like GPT/Midjourney, NLP, and multimodal sentiment analysis. We seamlessly merge traditional software engineering with statistical machine learning and contemporary AI, proficiently managing data across a multitude of domains. Partner with us to unleash the full power of AI and drive a revolutionary transformation in your business.

Generative AI (Midjourney, GPT, etc)

Stand at the forefront of AI innovation. We pioneered some of the first interdisciplinary AI research with our Diva Chatbot back in 2019 when GPT2 was released. Since then, we’ve mentored projects generating text, image, voice, and video using GPT, Midjourney, and numerous other commercial and open-source Large Language Models (LLMs).

Natural Language Processing

Tap into the power of language. Communication and thought are rooted in language – a core aspect of our expertise. We merge traditional NLP techniques with state-of-the-art LLMs to unlock hidden meanings and value within text. Our proficiency extends across leading NLP libraries and models, and we specialize in architecting custom solutions from analysis and synthesis to generation.

Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

Understand, predict, and shape human emotions and behaviors. We literally wrote the book on Sentiment Analysis with our ‘Shapes of Stories’ published by Cambridge University Press and our proprietary SentimentArcs library. Our sentiment analysis encompasses multiple languages (Spanish, French, Chinese), media (novel, social media, news, financial reports), and modes (image, video, music, and voice).

Statistical Machine Learning (GOFAI)

Integrate the best of AI. Despite the recent breakthroughs in LLMs like GPT, they’re often just a piece of the puzzle. Our approach blends statistical Machine Learning, sound software engineering practices, and UI/UX designed around efficient workflow. With our years of experience in designing integrated solutions, we can help you create a complete solution tailored to your needs.

Join us and experience the transformative power of AI in action.




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First Human-Centered AI Curriculum



Together, Let’s Unlock AI’s Transformative Power.

AI Strategic Planning

Harness our wealth of innovation, research, and industry experience to craft a forward-thinking AI strategy. Move beyond reactive measures and navigate the rapid evolution of AI with a sustainable, long-term vision.

AI Project Implementation

Benefit from our extensive expertise across the AI landscape, from agile Silicon Valley startups to mission critical Fortune 500 network security, and hundreds of domain-specific ML/AI projects. We have the know-how to design and execute AI projects of any scale or nature.

Speaking & Training

Bolster your knowledge and skills with our comprehensive workshops and presentations, tailored for both key decision-makers, diverse stakeholders and frontline teams. Stay abreast with specific advances or explore entire curriculums, enabling you to swiftly adapt and thrive in the evolving world of AI.

Presentation: Synthesizing physics-based time series datasets using AI Large Language Models (Aug 2023)
AI and ChatGPT: Strategies for Higher Education (Jun 2023)
Featured AI experts and consultants to implement end-to-end investor AI LLM report generation.
Executive Committee Members and Roundtable experts on AI, LLMs and Emotion (Oct, Nov 2022, Sep 2023)
Computational Formalism workship with leading AI researchers (Apr 2023)
Webinar on AI Large Language Models and Intelligence (May 2023)
AI and Healthcare Network Expert and LLM Presentor (Apr 2023)

Who We Are

Merging AI research breakthroughs with industry know-how, we shape a robust approach to AI development.
Jon Chun (website)

AI Researcher, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Industry Management

Katherine Elkins (website)

AI Researcher, Author, Public Speaker, and Award-Winning Professor


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